LYCON Pre-Holiday Brazilian or Hollywood Waxing Special

LYCON Pre-Holiday Waxing Special valid until 14th May 2016 

FREE Underarm Wax

with a Brazilian/Hollywood Wax using


100% Hygienic waxing technique

LYCON is a world renowned precision waxing system that originated in Australia in 1985.

When you book this treatment you will receive a LYCON 100% hygienic and 50% pain free Aloe Vera hot wax treatment for a Brazilian or Hollywood and receive an under arm wax (worth £14) absolutely free to complete your pre-holiday preparation –

My gift to you!

This is a special combination for the beginning of the Holiday Season.

LYCON’s Aloe Vera wax is used after anti-bacterial skin cleansing using LYCON’s Lycotane, which is applied again after waxing and then followed by their uniquely formulated aftercare:new summer image

Ingrown X-IT Solution spray is applied to help minimise the appearance and discomfort of Ingrowing Hairs, by soothing angry looking red spots whilst promoting skin healing, and can be used as part of your home care routine (available for retail at £16);

The skin is then given a soothing application with Tea Tree Soothe, a light, moisturising, anti-bacterial and soothing lotion that is pleasantly scented and helps to calm the skin and closes the pores after waxing.

The treatment will take approximately an hour.

Our special offer price  ……  £35

(£49 rrp)

Don’t delay – book your appointment NOW to receive this FREE gift from me!

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My Product of the Month from REPÊCHAGE for March 2016

REPÊCHAGE is able to offer you skin care products for all seasons. This time of year the skin comes into contact with a wide variety of environments.  The weather is changeable wind, rain, frost, snow and even sunlight, then we walk into air conditioned and centrally heated homes, shops/malls and offices.

Our health and our skin suffers, so to give the skin a fresher look ‘exfoliation’ is a great techniquBwH7gwVIAAMk9u8e to use, as long as you hydrate and protect the skin as well.

Exfoliation can be a quick process, in fact, just one-minute …

YES, that’s correct – just ONE MINUTE!  And you can only find this exciting product at a REPÊCHAGE spa or salon.

Whether male or female, exfoliation is a must, unless you are attending the salon and having AHA or BHA peels, in which case you need to follow your skin care therapist’s instructions for you home care very carefully.

REPÊCHAGE has an amazing ‘One Minute Exfoliating Mask’ which is an exfoliator – you apply it leave for one minute and rinse off, and WOW! The skin looks and feels amazing.  Try it once and you will be hooked!

This is one of the ‘must have’ product for 2016!

TBG Woogle: Essential Oils – helpers or irritants?

All essential oils are listed in the UK as ‘Primary Irritants’ but this is obviously in the undiluted form.  If essentials are used neat, that is, not blended with the correct amount of carrier oil it can be toxic and cause adverse reactions, including Anaphylactic shock (which is a severe, life threatening allergic reaction), migraines and sickness, etc.

v2_i216861_w580_h435_x9FD78D15Many people get allergy and sensitisation mixed up – but an allergy is an immediate reaction to an irritant whereas sensitisation is a build up over the time of continually coming into contact with the irritant until that ‘individual’ has reached their ‘Threshold Limit’ – then they react.

This is the same whether it is essential oils, cosmetics, food stuffs, cleaning chemicals, etc.  Once they react, they will continue to react. There have been many advances in the understanding of how we react to irritants, and research scientists are continually attempting to develop methods of supporting our body’s own natural histamine reaction through exposure; for example, ‘hay fever’ where the sufferer is injected with the ‘pollen’ of the plant or tree that causes the reaction to build up immunity.  Also eating honey from bee hives in the local area of the sufferer where the bees are collecting pollen or nectar from the ‘reactive’ plant life.   

Essential oil must always be used diluted never straight from the bottle, ideally using the appropriate carrier oil or blend of oils for the skin type; Shirley-Louise always selects pre-blended oils in massage treatments to suit your needs. The oils she uses are from ‘Naturally Thinking’ who are based in Croydon.  The selection of essentials oils are blended to produce a synergy of effects such as relaxation, calming, energising or heat producing going deep into the skin and muscles to support the massage, creating the desired effect.


OFFER EXTENDED – CUCCIO Reviving ‘Skin Smoothie’ & Back Massage



Due to popular demand – this offer as been extended

so, go on – spoil yourself – a loved-one or friend

CUCCIO Reviving ‘Skin Smoothie’ & Back Massage


This CUCCIO polishing treatment is an invigorating, deep cleansing prelude to the relaxing back massage

60 Min

Now available until 30th April 2016

£35.00 (£60rrp)

This months offer combines a stimulating CUCCIO deep cleansing polish, that removes the dry flakes from the skin’s CUCCIOsurface giving it a smoother appearance It also stimulates and relaxes the muscles increasing circulation and lymph, which helps to remove toxins and increase nutrition to the skin and underlying tissue.

The treatment continues with a heavenly, therapeutic massage of the back, neck and shoulders using oils.  It aids relaxation by loosening up muscles through relieving tension and knots.  This is achieved by increasing the local circulation and stimulating the lymphatic drainage to aid detoxification, removing lactic acid build up from the muscles and surrounding tissues.  At the same time, feeding the skin and muscle tissue nutrients to aid cell renewal and healing.  The effects of the massage will continue to develop into the next day.


So, why wait – book in now with Shirley-Louise for a wonderful experience by CUCCIOusing the 24/7 on-line booking system at this link