My Product of the Month from REPÊCHAGE for March 2016

REPÊCHAGE is able to offer you skin care products for all seasons. This time of year the skin comes into contact with a wide variety of environments.  The weather is changeable wind, rain, frost, snow and even sunlight, then we walk into air conditioned and centrally heated homes, shops/malls and offices.

Our health and our skin suffers, so to give the skin a fresher look ‘exfoliation’ is a great techniquBwH7gwVIAAMk9u8e to use, as long as you hydrate and protect the skin as well.

Exfoliation can be a quick process, in fact, just one-minute …

YES, that’s correct – just ONE MINUTE!  And you can only find this exciting product at a REPÊCHAGE spa or salon.

Whether male or female, exfoliation is a must, unless you are attending the salon and having AHA or BHA peels, in which case you need to follow your skin care therapist’s instructions for you home care very carefully.

REPÊCHAGE has an amazing ‘One Minute Exfoliating Mask’ which is an exfoliator – you apply it leave for one minute and rinse off, and WOW! The skin looks and feels amazing.  Try it once and you will be hooked!

This is one of the ‘must have’ product for 2016!

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