Spring/Summer Offer – SPA FIND ‘Renewed Radiance’ Express Facial with a Sea Sand Scrub Polish & Hydration for the Back

This Offer is using the SPA FIND product range and includes a back polish as a prelude to a relaxing express facial

July Offer

£40.00 (£55rrp)

Available until 18th July 2020

SPA FIND products offer non-comedogenic, skin-friendly formulas, that blend natural de-ionised water with pure Dead Sea minerals (Harmonised Water™) and organic plant extracts.  The products contain allergen-free fragrance, with no parabens, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or animal ingredients.

They are a synergistic blend of natural muds, 100% Dead Sea salt and anti-ageing and skin-firming seaweed.

July OfferThis offer combines the SPA FIND treatments, commencing with a Sea Sand deep cleansing back polish.

The gently stimulating treatment removes the dry flaky skin from the skin’s surface from giving a smoother appearance, that is especially good for skin that’s been encased in winter clothing.  It is stimulates and relaxes the skin and muscles; increasing the circulation and lymph. This helps to remove toxins and increases nutrition to the skin and underlying tissue. 

This treatment continues with the SPA FIND ‘express’ facial. This rejuvenates, deep cleanses, and exfoliates the July Offerskin.  Then. the skin is re-hydrated by using a multi-mineral blend that actively fights free radicals, and is ideal for sensitive, eczema or psoriasis sufferers.

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July Offer

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