OFFER EXTENDED – CUCCIO Reviving ‘Skin Smoothie’ & Back Massage



Due to popular demand – this offer as been extended

so, go on – spoil yourself – a loved-one or friend

CUCCIO Reviving ‘Skin Smoothie’ & Back Massage


This CUCCIO polishing treatment is an invigorating, deep cleansing prelude to the relaxing back massage

60 Min

Now available until 30th April 2016

£35.00 (£60rrp)

This months offer combines a stimulating CUCCIO deep cleansing polish, that removes the dry flakes from the skin’s CUCCIOsurface giving it a smoother appearance It also stimulates and relaxes the muscles increasing circulation and lymph, which helps to remove toxins and increase nutrition to the skin and underlying tissue.

The treatment continues with a heavenly, therapeutic massage of the back, neck and shoulders using oils.  It aids relaxation by loosening up muscles through relieving tension and knots.  This is achieved by increasing the local circulation and stimulating the lymphatic drainage to aid detoxification, removing lactic acid build up from the muscles and surrounding tissues.  At the same time, feeding the skin and muscle tissue nutrients to aid cell renewal and healing.  The effects of the massage will continue to develop into the next day.


So, why wait – book in now with Shirley-Louise for a wonderful experience by CUCCIOusing the 24/7 on-line booking system at this link