Spray Tan


spray tan


The spray tan is all the rage because they are the SAFE alternative to baking and burning in the sun.

Spray tan will give you an instant glow that will allow you to look healthy whilst being healthy.

Anyone looking to stay young has to come to terms with the fact that the SUN is NOT our friend.


Shirley-Louise will always steer you toward spray tan to give you a Summer-time glow all year around, but with added anti-ageing benefits.


Shirley-Louise is able to offer you natural spray tan product:

Fresh Indulgence – Revive formula for beautiful spray tan

Eco-friendly and Ethically sourced. 100% Paraben, SLS and Sulphate-free. 100% Nut-free. 100% Genuine. Highest Quality DHA.

Featured in: Vogue, Look, Cosmopolitan, ‘Green Salons’ issue, The Salon Magazine; The Guild magazine; Dermascope (USA) and have had their products shown on ITV

We are proud to use Fresh Indulgence as they specialise in the most natural and organic tanning and cosmetics products possible.

Fresh Indulgence products are best known for their hydrating and conditioning effects on the skin – unlike most spray tan solutions, no Fresh Indulgence product will dry your skin out.


Spray Tan

The Fresh Indulgence ‘Revive’ is formulated specifically for the most sensitive of skins. It is also completely nut-free so is suitable for nut allergy sufferers. It contains the wonder ingredient Matrixyl 3000, which has been proven to repair sun damage and is thus known as the anti-ageing miracle complex.

Fresh Indulgence ‘Revive’  also has a very subtle guide colour, meaning that clients can walk straight out from their treatment without feeling self-conscious.Spray Tan

Full Body * £ 35
Face, Arms & Legs * £ 25
Face, Arms & Décolleté * £ 20

* Please Note: A skin test is required at least 48 Hours prior to a Spray Tan service

spray tanning